Ode to Sabrina

Sabrina ~ my favorite cat.

Really the only cat I never chased…EVER. I can’t really say why. Just something about her I guess. Yeah…something about her.


img_13381Like the way she loved treats almost as much as I do. We often ate treats side by side. And no, I never stole a treat from her. I’ve got manners.


img_0943Or the way she could always pull out the “I’m cool” look. I taught her that, you know. She did good, huh?

img_2806Maybe the fact that it was always a great day when she came over to visit.

img_1326Or maybe the way belly rubs were one of her favorites. At least I think they were.

img_0451Or maybe it is really her owner. She is a favorite of mine.

img_1340Or possibly the way if a camera was in the room it was taking a picture of her (or myself of course).

img_0419Yeah, it is hard for me to admit, but I liked her. I’m gonna to miss her.