Life in Lex

What’s going on with me today, oh ya and by the way don’t pay $9 for a haunted house

Keeping busy with stuff. Been editing a few banquet videos at work. Surprising they have been good challenges. I like being stretched professionally. It feels like I’m getting better at what I do. It is so great not to have homework to do. Man, everyone else is trying to sit around watch TV and do homework. Not for me mister. I get board of rotting my brain, I have that little to do! So I did some stuff this weekend. Morals of the story. 1) Go to more hockey games 2) Don’t ever pay $9 for a haunted house (trail,
whatever) that sucks. Instead of scaring us, the actors were talking to us. “Hey, its hot in this thing. Do you know what time it is?” No joke.