Summer Vacation

Times changed and now a summer vacation is one week, and we feel guilty case there is tons of stuff to do at work. But I had an absolute blast in Florida, everything I had envisioned doing I did, and more. That one week was better then most whole months of break.

I just got back from a wonderful week in and around Orlando, Florida. It was my good friend’s Steve Webb’s wedding. He asked me to be one of his Groomsmen so I knew I needed to get there a couple days early to help him with stuff and since my family lives down there I figured I’d make a week out of it. That was back in January.

It was just so good to go home, haven’t seen most of my family since Christmas and so I jumped at the chance to make a mid summer run to Florida, where its always hotter and the seaweed is always greener. (Mainly because there is no sea near Kentucky but I don’t want to get caught up in all the details.) I went down Saturday. I knew I really won’t have any wedding related activities until at least mid week, but when that started I would be slammed. I had to take advantage of that lull to spend plenty of time with family and old friends. I go with the fam to this new church they’re going to, it was really good. Funny that it was my first time at that church, but I saw so many people I knew that the rest of my family was waiting for me out in the lobby.

At about that point I knew I wouldn’t be board this week. I was able to see every old friend I had hoped to and more. From people I met once 13 years ago to people I haven’t talked to in 4 to the few friends I always spend almost every day with while in Florida. Then Jason flew in tuesday night, we had to drop off a CD on the other side of Orlando and my car broke down on the way back. Luckily and thankfully the only thing I had planned for wednesday was to go to the beach. We were able to delay that till late afternoon because after $150 my car was fixed. I am so thankful that it happened tuesday night, any other day I would have had tons to do or worse be driving to or from Kentucky.

When thursday came I was in full wedding mode, driving all around town, picking people from the airport making last minute plans, designing labels and generally trying to keep Steve from worrying about stuff. The rehearsal came friday night. Then we were in for a very cool and unique wedding and an awesome weekend. At the rehearsal dinner and all weekend they’re were some great speeches saying how important and proud everyone is of each other. Surprisingly everything was a mere five minutes late on Saturday, about the best you can hope for and everything went off without major problems. The reception was awesome and people did not fear away from the dance floor.

After a 15 and a half hour drive back to Kentucky all I have to say is “Thank you Steve and Mel for throwing a great celebration. Good luck and I am praying for you!”

Pictures are coming soon!

My Personal Pastime

We went to King’s Island yesterday. Its a fun ol theme park with a ton of coasters. It was only my second time going to King’s Island, my first was about a year ago. As soon as I walked in the park, my mind thought “ok, here we go, its time to have fun!” The next move was to grab some maps, one for everyone in the group. Then my sane side spoke up. “Ok, lets not be the theme park nazi today. I’ll just go with the flow.” For the most part, I held back my urge for theme park efficiency, wherein it is unacceptable to pass any one area of the park more than twice.

It the end it was a super fun day, totally wore me out. Got in the gate around 11am, stayed till the close at 10, and rode everything we wanted to. The crowds were mild and all of the lines were reasonable. Kyle, Julie, Rach and for part of the day Jen turned out to be one of the best groups of people to go theme parking with. If someone asked me what my favorite thing to spend a day doing, it would definitely be finding a good theme park and spend the day there. Growing up in a town with 7 major theme parks, it is my personal past time. I love it! Every day that ends with sitting in the front, riding The Beast at night and swallowing a couple lighting bugs has to be good!

Battery Explosion

Its not every day that stuff explodes in my life. For those of you who are secret agents this kind of thing might bore you but for us regular people its a little interesting.

This story is way old (2 months old), I was just waiting on pictures before I posted it.
We’ll I have some now, so here it is!

So, my battery blew up last Sunday. I was about to head over to the new house, to drop off some stuff and meet Jason and Rach for Church. As soon as I turned the key to start the car, BAM. The car didn’t, but it sounded like something blew up. After a bit of smoke, I opened the hood and this is what I saw:

Good thing for Triple A. So I call them up, thinking this $50 or whatever I pay a year is so worth it, only to realize that my member ship has expired. Good thing for roommates with Triple A.