Brownies, Brownies Everywhere

There is something about being around missionaries that kind of leads you to think like them.

We were at the ol Wal-Mart. Looking to pick up some items that would make a good little dinner, and we were fancying some brownies for dessert. While we were there deciding if we wanted double chocolate chunk brownies, or deluxe fudge brownies, or brownies with frosting or maybe just get the cheap ones of on the bottom shelf, I realized that this is a uniquely prosperous problem. That was our big dilemma for the night; which pre-packaged, just add eggs, oil and milk brownies to buy for dessert. There we were, standing and staring at a wall of brownies, 3 six footers looking from our toes to over our head at brownies. At this point I realized there are countries that don’t have huge mega stores like Wal-Mart selling a 100 of everything. Even other well off countries don’t have the kind of insane selection that we do here in America. We get used to being the most prosperous country in the world. Then I went on to realize that there are people all around the world who haven’t had a brownie before. Even more then that, there are a billion people who are just lucky if they have something to eat tonight

Now, we bought some kind of brownie, I don’t remember which, but it was darn tasty. I’m not planning on giving up desserts anytime soon. But the G8 Summit and the Live8 concert, have really brought the situation to the forefront of everyone’s mind, lets remember those who haven’t been as blessed as we have. Be thankful for what you have, don’t complain about what you want.