It was a cold evening, but I was running in my field so it didn’t matter much. I can convince myself I am not all that cold when I am out running in my field, it is one of my favorite things you know. The normal routine; check out the heap of old food scraps in that one backyard, that spot that bigger dog always pees, the brush pile that has so many wonderful smells and then my sixth sense made me aware of something in the trees. I had to have a look.

There it was, something black and white (isn’t everything!) – a cat? Let me take a closer look. Smells a little funny, but it is definitely not fast like a cat, the big bushy tail…ow, ow, what, ow, my eyes, my eyes, burning, ow, what in the heck…run, back home, fast, run…oh, what stinks? Is it me? My eyes burn…turn around, run toward home. I smell that heap of old food scraps in that one backyard, so I am going the right way, ohhh, can’t I get away from the smell, maybe weaving will help. What do the wiser dogs tell me…run, fast and far.

I found the house. Good, but my eyes and the stink. Let me in. No. What? I want my bed, I want to run…I don’t know what I want…just…the burn, the smell.

Uh oh, a tub and I am now in it…I don’t like the looks of this. Sniff. What is that? Lick…yum. Not bad. Lick, lick, lick. Somehow I am feeling a little better. Alright, I am outside and it is cold. Are we done? I am cold and my one eye still hurts. Yeah, a towel. Brrrr. What’s with all the noses in my face? Can I go in yet? I want my pillow and warmth. More noses, please, will this stop, I am cold and tired and my eye hurts.

Oh yes, I am going inside. My pillow, a towel…ah life is good…zzz

Cheddar the Houdini dog

So Cheddar is vacationing with us this week. Pablo is naturally excited and the evening was full of running, jumping, jawing and those odd play noises dogs make. Bedtime inevitably arrives and the dogs are put to bed with Cheddar in his crate and Pablo on his pillow.

Pablo, as he often does, comes in the bedroom in the early morning to check to see if Peter and I have mysteriously disappeared during the night (at least this in what I believe he is thinking) by putting his front paws on the bed so he can see us. Last night this happened pretty much in the middle of the night, so in order to ensure a restful rest of the night, I put Pablo in his crate and no more than a minute after I laid back down, I feel a nose on my back…I freeze, listen and realize it is Cheddar.

My mind is confused, Cheddar was in his crate, but I don’t try to solve the mystery…it isn’t worth it, so I take him back out to the living room and put him in his crate. Again, not more than a minute goes by and I hear a dog drinking water in the hallway…what is going on, both dogs are in their respective crates? It is Cheddar again. By this point I am thinking he is quite the Houdini dog. I take him back out to the living room and put him in his crate and this time I remember he has two doors in his crate. I check the second one…the gig is up…I know Houdini’s secret…after latching the second door I have a restful rest of the night!