Work and Pleasure

You know how some weeks work is ok and other times it’s alright; well for me last week was fantastic. Here is the scoop:

I have been assigned to write a proposal for various bridge and roadway jobs in WV. In order to write this proposal I need pictures of some of the advertised job sites. This meant two days of driving around the middle of coal country southern West Virginia. I decided to make a true trip out of it and brought Pablo along. Together we saw some quaint historic coal towns, some run down coal towns and some active coal towns, along with the five bridges I was assigned to locate and document with pictures. We also stumbled across two state parks – Pinnacle Rock State Park and Twin Falls Resort State Park – and my parents, who were traveling to PA from SC. How cool to have lunch with my parents, camp out, take a hike, spend time in a beautiful state and still put in full work days? Right now I love my job!

Pablo with the Grandparents

Pablo and Grandparents

Top of Pinnacle Rock

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

They’re a Game and a Snack

Pablo got to come into work with me a couple of weeks ago. Jen was off inspecting bridges and there was a lot of work to be done. So instead of testing Pablo’s bladder strength, I figured he should just join me at work. We’ve had dogs in the office before so I knew my co-workers would welcome him with open arms.

But besides all that, I think Pablo’s true favorite part of the day was eating lots of cicada. In this part of the country seventeen year cicada’s were in full force. Yum!

Pablo’s First Race

Last weekend (May 31st) we ran the Skelter for the Shelter in Jessamine County. It was a small 5K that was a lot of fun, one of the biggest reasons was that we could run it with Pablo. Jen and Pablo did great, and had a great time.


Not to mention they got a trophy for 3rd place in Jen’s division. I (Peter) finished first in my division. I was very happy with the run, but I still want to shave off a couple more minutes this year. Elissa and Kris also placed!


Thanks to our fantastic photographer, Steph. Official Results