So I posted too soon about the ice because we got SNOW! It is wonderful, lovely and making my day. Pablo and I walked the back 40 for almost an hour enjoying the winter weather.

As I made my way down the field, taking in the sights, it surprised me how often a branch gave way to the weight of the ice and snow with a crack, then a crash, sounding like someone throwing china on the floor but making sure to hit the edge of the chair first.


Isn’t it just so pretty?

img_2727What was that?

img_2733Just a tree branch falling.

img_2728What was that?


Another limb giving way.


Ahh, God’s beauty.


8:20 this morning


11:40 this morning

Shows how things can change in a few hours. Be safe Lexingtonians and enjoy the day!

Icy Wonderland

Snow is a rarity here in KY, and this most recent storm, “the storm of the decade,” holds true to form. We got ice so far, which seems to be the norm around here. Enjoy some of the sights from our yard and back 40.


Welcome to the icy wonderland


Blanket of snow and icy blades of grass


Backyard feeder


Front yard feeder


Lots of icicles

India Music Video

I had the privilege to speak to over 400 high school and college boys and give them some new thoughts on choosing a career. One of the opening acts was an interpretive dance of an English/Hindi song called “Pray for India”.


The song is catchy, and a little repetitive but we heard it several other times and quickly became a group favorite. There is even a slightly cheesy music video: