Ichthus is over

Another Ichthus is behind us, all we really have to show for it is a bit of mud on our floor boards and memories we won’t remember which year they were from.

A week ago I didn’t even know if I would be going to Ichthus this year. After some plans changing (see previous post), I had some extra time this weekend. 2004 marks my fourth Ichthus and least amount of time, I was actually able to spend on the grounds. With a real job and all, most of friday was shot. Skipping a full work day really isn’t the same as skipping a couple classes and chapel.

Overall I had a good time, but no where near the fun I had while in college working the video crew. Its fun trying to sell Audio Adrenaline stuff to underage fans who have twenties burning a hole in their pocket. “I have $16, what can I get?” I did get an Audio A CD free for volunteering at the sales tent and working their table.

Now all I have to do is scrap the mud out of the washing machine!

Ichthus is a coming

Its that time of the year again. Time for Wilmore to quadruple in size and see how bad a record group of kids can smell after not showering for 3 days.

Ichthus is one of those things that every year I am more excited about then I thought I would be. Didn’t go, didn’t care, Freshman year, but now I can’t stand to pass it up. My mom was planning on coming in today, something I was excited about, but earlier this week she called and said she couldn’t find a decent flight time. A bummer, but it would have been a busy weekend for me and I would have not been able to give mom the attention she deserves. And not just because of Ichthus, I only really want to see one band anyway. I had work stuff from lunch through dinner. I was planning on weaseling my way in to Ichthus tomorrow for the 35 minutes Reliant K was scheduled to play. (Sorry about the unintentional rhyme.) With mom having to reschedule on Monday I had to find a more definitive way into Ichthus, cause there was no way I was going to sit around all weekend when everyone else is having fun. Luckily, I knew someone who still needed volunteers, I filled the last big spot in her volunteer schedule and I get a free wrist band. A win-win situation.

I actually like working more then watching the concerts. There is no way the sales tent can be nearly as fun as working on the video crew, but I’m sure it’ll be cool. Once I get there, I know I’m going to wish I was still an Asbury (check out the cool new website!) student running a camera or directing a show. That was so much fun, defiantly a highlight of my college career.


I used to not put much weight in Ecclesiastes, I thought it was just some dude who was just angry at the world. But I did get something outa it in my most recent read. This book is good for more then just inspiring hippie songs.

Open up (or click on) Ecclesiastes and your greeted with some really encouraging sub-headers: “Wisdom Is Meaningless“, “Pleasures Are Meaningless“, Advancement Is Meaningless“, “Riches Are Meaningless, “Wisdom and Folly Are Meaningless“, “Toil is Meaningless” and just to summarize “Everything Is Meaningless“. Wow, that just makes me want to shoot myself now. Well its good I’ve spent so much time working on “stuff”. “Everything Is Meaningless” but not “Everything Is Meaningless”. Read those first two chapters and you might realized that some things are missing from the “meaningless” lists. Never once are relationships with people or God labeled as meaningless.

EveryTHING might be meaningless, it doesn’t matter how much stuff we have, how hard we worked or how cool people though we were. If all this stuff is meaningless, then the writer (probably King Solomon my Bible says) might be using contrast to tell us what really does matter, and I’m pretty sure he is. Too often we work our whole lives so we can get a Benz by the time we’re 40 or a nice house with a mini-movie-theater. When have you heard someone say “I want to have 5 great friends by the time I retire”? Friendships DO matter, they are not meaningless. “If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” (4:11)

I want to be able to have fun, be honest and challenged by some really close people in my life. Who cares if I live in a mansion or a cardboard box, cause that doesn’t matter. They might be family or friends closer then family, but those are the things I’m going to remember on my death bed, not that a I got a 3.5% raise when I was 35 years old. Most importantly is my relationship to God. Who relocates when we do, is there when our family won’t talk to us and we can look forward to seeing after our death bed.

Remember, everyTHING is meaningless, but everyTHING doesn’t include everything. There are “things” that are so much more then “things” that do matter.

Sorry for the Delay

The program I use to blog with keeps screwing up the look of my site. A bit frustrating, and has made me devote my blogging time to fixing it, rather then blogging.

Its been a fun filled week, and about time for me to get a full sized blog in. I can’t believe that Easter was this week. I want to echo what Rachel and Julie said about how good of a time we had on Sunday. Its nearly inexplicable, we went to the 7 am service at church (I woke up at 5:30), then came back and had brunch (I was unhappy with how my waffles turned out), sat around and watched TV (I had seen better movies before), then went to a low scoring baseball game (I have done more exciting things in an afternoon). But, there was something about the whole day that made it sooo good . It was the kind of good, that makes me want to think we went to a theme park, watched the best movie ever, after eating waffles to die for and woke up at a comfortable 9am. We didn’t, but I have a hard time convincing myself that because those would have been my ingredients if I were trying to create a day that felt as good as Easter Sunday 2004. I can’t really explain it but Sunday had “it”.