Athens 2004

Olympics 2004! Here I am, firmly planted on the couch!

It is that time again. The time where we meet only minimal comments, for two weeks I’m dedicated to one thing, watching Olympics.

Pretty much everything else has been neglected, in a vain attempt to watch as much of the 70+ hours of daily coverage possible here in the United States. Yes I have to work and we don’t have cable but I am trying to squeeze in all the Olympics I can. I wouldn’t dream of trying to watch TV at work, unless I have to stay late or if the Olympics are on.

It really got out of control in 2000, because Asbury sends so many students to work at the Olympics, you want to watch more Olympics because you know people who are there working at it. I mean we went all out to watch Olympics. We had daily TV schedules printed out posted on the wall. We would eat dinner faster, stop doing homework, and pretty much not leave the dorm.

After actually working at the Winter Olympics in 2002 its like I have some sort of connection to the games. (I still have picture from that trip up on my Spring ’02 Album.) This year, again knowing about a dozen people working in Athens it gives me a little added interest. A
couple of those have started their own blogs to document their trip.

Asbury’s Blog
Joel Foster News
Stephen M. James at the Olympics
Scott & Kate’s Big Fat Greek

And don’t you worry, I wrote this blog while sitting on the couch watching Michael Phelps win his second gold. I wasn’t about to miss some just to write my first entry in a month.