At Long Last, Our New Kitchen

We started saving for it a year ago: new appliances and a new floor for our kitchen. Jen worked many hours of overtime to make it happen. Over the fourth of July weekend, my mom and Jen’s parents came into town to celebrate the holiday with us and help make the project happen. Jen’s dad was an incalculable help in actually getting the floor laid. I can’t imagine what the tile would look like if it wasn’t for his help.

The floor had an upset stomach, so we coated it with Pepto-Bismol. After that dried we started laying the title:
Title’s down, wait for it to dry and then grout time
Everyone lending a hand with the finishing touches. (I’m better at taking pictures than hammering, and by the looks of the following photo that means I’m down right scary with a hammer)

Not Too Shabby for a First Race

I get to brag on my mother-in-law a little bit here. This year we had the idea to gather our parents to our neck of the woods for 4th of July ’08. One of the attractions was the always fun RJ Corman Wilmore 5K. Jen’s mom has been walking on a regular basis and almost immediately thought she should try to run the race with us and not just walk like we had proposed. So she started training, and this past Saturday in this year’s 5k she finished 2nd in her age division! Congrats!


Update: Official results in the Lexington Herald-Leader and the Wilmore Newsletter (PDF)