First Bike Trek

I have enjoyed riding my bike this summer, so much so that I signed up for a bike event September 13 and 14 called Bike Trek to Shakertown.  For those of you familiar with Kentucky, the ride starts in Harrodsburg and meanders through the bluegrass for a 30 to 35 miles each day (for the beginners that is).  This will be my first official bike event.  I am pretty excited about it and hope my legs are up for it!

Proceeds from the ride benefit the American Lung Association to support the fight against lung disease, which I am glad to back because my grandmother died of a lung disease.  My goal is to raise $200.  So far I have $110.  If any of you want to assist me in my cause to help me reach my goal, I would be very grateful.  You can easily make a pledge online at my personal fundraising page: or write a check to the American Lung Association and get me the check so I can send it in with my biker ID number to credit for it.

Keep an eye out for a follow up post about how the trek went…I am sure I will have something to say about it!

Trust Fund Set Up

A trust fund has been set up for Hannah and Lillian. You can contribute by visiting SunTrust bank branch, or if you don’t live near a SunTrust bank, you may mail a check the nearest branch made out to the “Cook Family Benefit Fund for Hannah Emery”. To find your nearest branch, call 1-800-SUNTRUST and press 0 to talk to a person. The gifts will be collected and given to Hannah and Lillian in the not too distant future.

Visitation Information for Jason Emery

We have received a tremendous amount of support and many people have extended their condolences. Friends of Jen and I, people who have never met Jason, and people who knew Jason, but never met Jen and I. We have been really surprised by the shear number of people who have called, emailed and left comments.

For those who live in Central Florida the Public Visitation is at Monday, August 4th, from 5-8pm at Osceola Memory Gardens, 2000 13th St. (US-192) in St. Cloud.

If you who knew Jason but won’t be able to make it to the visitation please leave a comment recalling one of your favorite memories of Jason. We are compiling a book of memories for Hannah to cherish and for Lillian to know what a loving father she had.

Jason and Hannah Walking

A Sad Time for our Family

I am very sad to post this update to the accident I mentioned yesterday. My brother-in-law, Jason Emery died from internal injuries. The details of the crash are in the Orlando Sentinel and at

As I reflected on my memories of him last night, there was one image I think of when I picture Jason. In April, Jen and I were able to stay at Hannah and Jason’s house for a couple of nights. With three dogs and a baby in the house, it is impossible to put on a facade for long.  In that time, we got to see Jason taking care of his baby girl. And I don’t know why this image sticks out in my mind, but I can see him testing the temperature of the bottle on his wrist. Every thirty seconds or so checking to make sure the milk wasn’t too hot. He loved his family so much. Every time he looked at his daughter you could see such love and pride on his face.

Jason Charles Emery

I can’t imagine the pain my sister must be going through and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around her. I wish I was in Florida already, the next day and a half are going to go by so slow. The action part of me wants to lend a hand in the logistics, but I need to remember to slow down. To give myself time to grieve, and provide a shoulder for family to cry on.